Our First Home

The Polehoyki family starts a new adventure in D’ARCY.

Married for just over two years with a young daughter, Amanda and Ryan Polehoyki are the latest homeowners to move to D’ARCY, Anthem United’s new community in Okotoks. Coming from south Calgary and looking for a home with a backyard, room to grow, and accessible schools, they found everything they wanted at D’ARCY.

Living with Amanda’s parents was a great way to save up money for their first house, but the space issues were becoming too much to handle – especially with their daughter. So, the couple started looking for a forever home of their own.

“I think she’ll be happy to have some more space without us telling her all the time she can’t go into certain rooms or play too loudly,” Ryan says.

With rising prices, plenty of renovations, and difficult commutes showing up in their search, they realized south Calgary may not be the best option for them. It wasn’t until Ryan’s sister-in-law, a realtor, mentioned new builds that the idea even crossed their minds.

“I really did want a fixer-upper – I love HGTV. You can call me Joanna Gaines,” Amanda says, laughing. “But when she mentioned D’ARCY, we really started thinking about the reality of the purchase, and what it meant for our future.”

With family all around Calgary, Amanda and Ryan knew staying near the area would be important – but they weren’t tied to city living.

“There’s this idea that living outside the city means you spend all your time driving to the city,” Amanda said. “But people living in the city sit in traffic on their way to and from at work. At least my drive is pretty.”

Working near Chinook Centre in Calgary, Amanda has found new routes from D’ARCY that take her past her daughter’s daycare, making it convenient and easy to get to work on time.

Choosing the Fremont paired home from Morrison Homes, Ryan and Amanda finally have their own space and were even able to make a few customization’s. Options that they wanted, with the reassurance that everything is safe and up to code.

The Polehoykis first home is the home they’ve always dreamed of – a small-town house with room to grow – in a community they’re excited to be a part of.