Room for Everyone

The Ready family makes their home exactly what they need.

Married for 10 years with three children ages nine, six and four, Kendall and Leslie Ready are committed to making the most of their time together as a family. When beginning their year-long search for a new home, the Ready family had a checklist of wants and needs. It only took a couple of visits to D’ARCY, Anthem United’s new community in Okotoks, to decide on the location and builder to ensure everything was checked off their list.

Father Kendall works 7 days on and 7 days off, while mom Leslie homeschools their children during the day. “I had only ever lived in Calgary before” Kendall says. “but once I saw everything that Okotoks had to offer, I was sold.”

While looking in south Calgary, the Readys realized there was a better option. They could have the home they wanted in a close-knit community with plenty of open space for their children to play – all for a few thousand dollars less and only a 15-minute drive to Calgary.

“In the end, it was the house we wanted with only a slightly longer drive – and does that really matter?” Leslie said. “We were already coming down here to get our car serviced, to go to Costco, so why not just live here?”

Being close to nature was also an important part of their home search, and their first trip to D’ARCY showed just how close they could get. With much of the family into snowboarding, camping and other mountain sports, seeing the Rockies outside their windows and accessible from a quick drive was a huge perk.

The one thing the Readys were concerned about were the number of bedrooms in the Fremont paired home from Morrison Homes – their top choice – which is listed and sold as a three-bedroom home. Leslie and Kendall knew each of their kids would need their own room, and like many parents, wanted to keep the bedrooms all on the same level of the house.

Morrison Homes heard the Readys request and converted the loft living space into a fourth bedroom – a special ask they were happy Morrison Homes accommodated.

“They really listened to what we needed,” Leslie says. “That helped us know we made the right choice.”

The Readys new home is everything they wanted – in the neighbourhood they dreamed of. With an ice rink in the winter, berry picking in the summer, and year-round access to river trails, the Readys are looking forward to spending more time having fun as a family, right outside their doorstep.