The Benefits of Amenity Lots

From traditional to walkout lots, your lot is an important element that should take some thought. While each type of lot has its benefits, amenity lots are some of the most sought after, so let us tell you why!

What is an amenity lot?

You might think that an amenity lot means your home is near the local grocery store or strip mall. In simple words, having an amenity lot means the side or the back of your house connects you to natural amenities instead of other homes. Whether it’s a fenced gate that leads onto a storm pond or a green space with mountain views, these lots overall are seen as the most desirable. Some homes on these types of lots allow for a bright walkout basement, but if not, all amenity lots provide that extra privacy and open space to enjoy.

What are the key benefits of an amenity lot?

There’s no denying that these home lots come with a slightly higher price tag than a home that backs onto a busy main road for example. While other lots may be a good bargain, there are tons of benefits to building on an amenity lot that makes the cost worth every penny! Here are three key benefits to consider while you lot shop:


1. Accessibility

Are you someone that is always out enjoying the community and backyard? With a back gate, it makes it that much easier to get to that pond behind your home, or for your kids to get to their favourite playground. These lots are perfect for those neighbourhood backyard get-togethers without your guests needing to walk through the house.


“Accessibility is nice, but what if I like to keep to myself?


2. Privacy

While accessibility might make it seem like privacy is limited, it’s quite the opposite. With an amenity lot, you don’t have other home’s windows and backyards directly facing into your house. And while you might love interacting with your neighbours from each other’s windows, that extra privacy increases the resale value of your home for future buyers.


“This lot I found is private, accessible, cheaper but backs onto the main road.
Why should I still choose the amenity lot?”



Walking out on your deck to see and hear all the wildlife critters is unbeatable. All amenity lots come with a view worth admiring and it’s one of the main selling points of these lots. Plus, if you have a walkout basement, the top deck usually provides an even better view than if you were down in the backyard.


In D’ARCY, we have many amenity lots ready to be built on! The best part? The amenities are completed and ready to be enjoyed. With beautiful mountain views and a large stormwater pond that connects to walking trails and a playground, this Okotoks community is the place to be. The exciting part? Many of our builders have amenity lots with villas from Morrison Homes, and front drive homes from Pacesetter by Sterling Homes and Trico Homes. Check out our showhomes with a view and see all our available amenity lots today!